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Description: EV adoption is stuck in neutral in America’s dense cities. With no at-home charging and scarce public charging, drivers can’t switch to electric. With no demand, charging developers won’t invest in costly urban cores. Revel’s model is solving this problem. Today, Revel has the largest network of public fast charging in New York City and operates the country’s first all-electric, all-employee rideshare service, with over 500 EVs and 1,500 W2 employee drivers. The EV rideshare provides guaranteed utilization of the fast charging hubs, allowing Revel to grow both in unison. Revel's public fast charging Superhubs are open to the public 24/7, can charge EVs in minutes not hours and are equipped with both CCS and NACS plug types. In the next year, Revel is expanding to 500 fast chargers between NYC and the Bay Area, breaking ground in the West Coast very, very soon.