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Tau Carbon removes CO2 from the atmosphere by preserving dry wood waste for 100+ years in aboveground modular containers. (Wood that is stored at a relative humidity of 70% or less, and that is protected from direct sunlight and insects, is preserved indefinitely without decomposition.) Tau Carbon sells carbon removal credits, with each dry ton of wood waste equivalent to ~1.8 tons of CO2. Tau obtains its wood waste primarily from sustainable forest thinning; thus, the co-benefits of Tau’s wood preservation include wildfire mitigation and improved air quality. Unlike buried wood, Tau’s aboveground wood storage neither emits methane nor disrupts the soil or groundwater. In addition, the monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) for Tau’s CO2 removal is inexpensive, since it relies primarily on measuring the relative humidity inside the containers, which is inherently stable against external fluctuations.