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Over the last 200 years technology has been a force converting scarcity into abundance, in almost every area from food, water, energy, healthcare, education and communications. We have seen constant progress towards a world of abundance and the mission of XPRIZE is to inspire and guide innovators and to establish the incentive competitions that will focus the resources, talent and technology to create breakthroughs to accelerate this world of abundance — a hopeful world where every man, woman and child can access all the energy, clean drinking water, shelter, education and healthcare they require.

Our first XPRIZE, the $10 million Ansari XPRIZE for private spaceflight, created exponential breakthroughs, spurring the commercial spaceflight industry, inspiring the launch of pioneering companies and household names such as Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin and SpaceX. Since then we have launched over $140 million in prize purses, including the $15 million Global Learning XPRIZE, the $10 million Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE, and the $1.4 million Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup XPRIZE. 

Each of these prizes has created an industry-changing technology that brings us closer to a better, safer, more sustainable world.