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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I would like to write for

A. Thank you for reaching out and for your interest in collaborating with us. For all such queries please reach out to [email protected]

Q. I registered for your webcast but cannot access it.

A. Thank you for reaching out. Please try using a different browser that the one you are currently using or clear the cache on your device.

Q. I missed the webcast/I am on a different time zone and cannot participate in the webcast. Is there a recording that I can get access to?

A. Thank you for reaching out. Please register for the webcast and click on the green button “Access the webcast”. Once the webcast is over you can access the recording through this link.

Q. Can you please share the attendee list?

A. Great to hear that you'll be joining us and are looking forward to the event! We aren't able to share a list of attendees for privacy reasons. 

That being said, you’re able to view attendees in the event app — the difference being that it allows folks to show only the information that they want and opt out all together if that’s their preference. You can find instructions for logging in [LINK]here.