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Fleet and sustainability leaders are transforming the transportation industry. With emerging technologies, resource constraints and challenges, it's a complex landscape to navigate and hard to know if your strategies and choices are the best paths forward. The good news: Company peers are navigating the same uncertainty and GreenBiz Group is here to help them learn from one another. 

The GreenBiz Transport Network (GBTN) is a peer-driven membership group designed to support fleet and sustainability leaders in large companies and government agencies tasked with reducing transport emissions and driving fleet decarbonization. Leveraging a formula we have perfected over the past 15 years, we curate experiences that deepen exchanges and build capacity for our members as they embrace increasingly ambitious goals.

GBTN combines expertly facilitated in-person meetings, virtual learning modules and coordinated knowledge-sharing, enabling members to leverage collective experiences, intelligence and resources across sectors. 

"Transportation decarbonization is one of the most critical components to reaching global net-zero emissions. The GreenBiz Transport Network (GBTN) equips fleet and sustainability leaders from industry-leading companies and governments with the necessary connections, experiences and knowledge, driven by the GBTN cohort, to accelerate their respective goals. In speaking with individuals focused on transitioning their company or government fleet to electric and zero emissions, it’s clear that the industry needs GBTN to meet the moment of change that’s asked of it. Together, we will succeed."

Features and Benefits

In-Person Meetings 

GBTN offers several meetings per year, organized and facilitated by GreenBiz. Meetings are member-driven, confidential and limited in size to ensure discussions go deep on the topics most pressing and relevant to your work. Each 1-2 day gathering, located in the United States, is hosted by a different member company, offering a variety of locations and unique tour opportunities. 

Virtual Conversations 

Each month we host a zoom-based meeting. These conversations center on network member requests, sometimes leveraging the expertise of outside experts, involving deep-dive discussions on a wide range of topics. 

Knowledge Sharing

Members can access an online repository of meeting notes, presentations, recorded Zoom meetings and third-party resources. This includes a trove of resources shared by members such as recommended vendors, best practices, sample contract language and lessons learned.

Event Discounts

Members receive exclusive discounts (typically 20%) on all GreenBiz Group events including GreenBiz, Circularity, GreenFin and VERGE.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I fit the GBTN member profile? 

If you are a fleet leader or corporate sustainability leader from a company or government agency that would like to be part of a community of peers to gain and/or share guidance and insight on fleet decarbonization and reducing transport emissions, then you’ve found your people. The GreenBiz Transport Network (GBTN) designs opportunities to have meaningful exchanges that support fleet leaders and sustainability professionals in their roles. GBTN members are decision-makers responsible for their company’s or government’s fleet decarbonization journey and Scope 3 transport emission reduction plans. 


What’s the criteria for membership? 

GBTN members are typically senior leaders in a fleet or corporate/government function whose role scope covers the company’s/government’s sustainability, social responsibility and environmental programs at a global or regional level. GBTN members include leaders working on commitments to decarbonize their company's fleet/reduce transport emissions and fleet professionals who execute said company commitments to convert a fleet to electric or zero-emission. 

Members represent companies with annual revenues greater than $1bn or a fleet size of more than 500 vehicles and city and state municipal governments with a fleet size greater than 500 vehicles. Membership is currently not available to universities, NGOs or the media. Membership is also not open to service providers unless the company is directly involved in transporting goods and admission is subject to review and at the discretion of GreenBiz. 

Fee for companies: $16,000/yr with an introductory price of $10,000/yr for the first year of membership if a company signs up within the first 6 months of GBTN launching. 
Fee for governments: $10,000/yr with an introductory price of $6,500/yr for the first year of membership if a government signs up within the first 6 months of GBTN launching. 


What types of companies or governments are members? How will my company or agency benefit?

GBTN member companies and governments include both learners and leaders coming from a wide range of sectors and focus areas (see our members section). Members include some of the world’s leading companies, brands and municipal governments. Extending membership to a broad range of companies and governments fosters innovation and creativity that provides a fresh lens on solutions to the challenges faced by fleet leaders and sustainability professionals, their teams and organizations. Being part of this community gives companies and governments the opportunity to create awareness for their initiatives and also learn from others’ paths.


What are the benefits of joining GBTN? 

GBTN is unique because our facilitated member meetings are designed to be participative, peer-led, and highly interactive - quite different from traditional existing gatherings (e.g. events, working groups or initiatives). GBTN meetings are intentionally curated to deliver the best current insights and actions relating to fleet decarbonization and reducing transport emissions. The topics, research, and activities organized by the network are determined entirely by the members themselves, based on their questions, interests, and needs to support their work.


What do members find most useful? 

Our in-person meetings, held several times per year, consistently receive the highest ratings. Being together in a room allows for meaningful and creative exchanges among peers. That format is complemented with a lineup of virtual meetings, which the members appreciate because it provides the opportunity to focus on a specific departmental theme (such as purchasing, supply chain, energy management, financial risk, HR, communications, marketing and other functions) and the ability to have an unlimited number of their colleagues participate, too. Member-led research, access to the member directory and other resources, as well as facilitated outreach to get immediate feedback to member questions are seen as a benefit because this “extension of the team” can help to save time and resources.


What kind of commitments are members expected to make?

Show up and participate! Come with your insights, experiences and questions to share. We also like to say that the concept of GBTN means that there’s no homework. Overall, GBTN meetings provide a forum for members to discuss strategies, progress, challenges, solutions, and leadership issues with their peers. 

To participate, members can choose to attend any of the in-person meetings throughout the year, across the U.S. The virtual meetings also provide monthly opportunities for members and their colleagues to take a deep dive on a specific topic.

Members are encouraged to be active participants in all GBTN activities to get the most value from the network.



Request More Information

Membership is available to corporations with annual revenues greater than $1 billion or a fleet size of more than 500 vehicles and municipal governments with a fleet size greater than 500 vehicles. Membership is currently not available to *service providers, universities, NGO’s, or the media. Please fill out the form and more information on the Transport Network will be sent to you.

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