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Sustainability work is hard. Trellis Network is here to help.

Who We Are

The sustainability agenda is broad, deep and changing fast. It feels like everything is always important, and you often wish you could do more. Trellis Network connects you with peers from leading companies who are facing the same challenges, so you don’t have to go at it alone.

Since 2008, Trellis Network has supported sustainability professionals in driving transformation across their organizations. In-person and virtual meetings keep you up to date with the latest trends, and peer benchmarking helps you to solve problems in real time. Company-wide membership gives you and your colleagues access to a variety of communities that combine the deep expertise of Trellis analysts with the diverse perspectives of our members on strategic topics, including: communications, supply chain, circularity, carbon markets and many more. Join Trellis Network to gain the powerful peer network you need to drive more impact.

Trellis Network has expanded to include more than 150 member companies, including:

Our Communities

Trellis Network has a growing number of communities focused on Strategy (North American and Europe), Circularity, Supply Chain, Nature, Sustainability Communicators, Carbon Markets, and more coming soon.

Strategy - North America
Theresa - europe
circularity - js
Alex - nature
supply chains2
Sustainability Communicators
Carbon Markets

Membership Benefits

What Our Members Say

"The network is more than just a great surrounding. It's a sounding board to get feedback on sustainability. It's a place where I can get really deep insight into the different industries and what their sustainability challenges are." 

~Network Member from J.R. Simplot

"There's no blueprint for this work in sustainability so it's great to get together with like-minded people who are doing similar work and be able to share ideas, what challenges and opportunities are they running into, how have the solved some of the issues that we're all working on."

~Network Member from Clif Bar & Company

"I enjoy the transparency—everyone is open to talk about what they're doing but also the challenges that we can all learn from."

~Network Member from Sonova Group