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Who We Are

Now, more than ever, sustainability teams are working in tandem with functions across their organizations. Trellis Network, formerly the GreenBiz Executive Network, acts as a support system and enabler for members to execute their goals, as core sustainability teams cannot achieve success alone.

By building an unwavering sense of trust over the last 15 years, Trellis Network provides the most intimate opportunity for peer-to-peer learning for teams from the world’s leading companies and brands driving sustainable transformation. Our members’ collaborative efforts and engagement have filled our repository of content year after year all while keeping a pulse on the latest sustainability trends.

The Trellis Network has expanded to include more than 150 member companies, including:

Our Interest Groups

The Trellis Network has a growing number of interest groups focused on Strategy (North American and Europe), Circularity, Transport, Nature, and more coming soon.

Strategy - North America
strategy - lg - europe
circularity - js
transport - vb
Sustainability Communicators
Carbon Markets

Membership Benefits

What Our Members Say

"The network is more than just a great surrounding. It's a sounding board to get feedback on sustainability. It's a place where I can get really deep insight into the different industries and what their sustainability challenges are." 

~Network Member from J.R. Simplot

"There's no blueprint for this work in sustainability so it's great to get together with like-minded people who are doing similar work and be able to share ideas, what challenges and opportunities are they running into, how have the solved some of the issues that we're all working on."

~Network Member from Clif Bar & Company

"I enjoy the transparency—everyone is open to talk about what they're doing but also the challenges that we can all learn from."

~Network Member from Sonova Group