Revolutionizing emissions and supply chain management

Gavin Starks, founder and chairman of AMEE, presents his One Great Idea during the March 2012 VERGE DC conference: Revolutionizing Emissions and Supply Chain Management.

By combining "big data" science, cloud computing services, and networked data systems, Starks discusses how AMEE revolutionizes the way organizations calculate their emissions for supply chain management and more. The story of the company's development journey not only provided a narrative about pursuing a novel idea, it also illustrated some of the key themes of the VERGE conference. Chief among them are the realizations that the advantages of having access to "big data" cannot be realized unless you:

  • Analyze, organize and present it in a way that is relevant to users and easy to understand.
  • Make it easy to share, so that the information is accessible across broad networks to enable solutions to scale -- and to foster further innovation.
  • The qualities are key to the evolution of a highly intelligent, interconnected and efficient built environment, a central premise of VERGE and the idea of an "Internet of Things."

"From my perspective," Starks said, "the Internet of Things is a technology looking for purpose, and to me sustainability is a purpose." Toward that end, he said, AMEE hopes to be a "catalyzer for change by providing a better set of tools."