Webcast: ISO 50001: Preparing for the New Energy Management Standard


Later this year, ISO will publish a new global standard for energy management. ISO 50001 will establish a framework for industrial plants, LEED green buildings of all types, commercial facilities and utilities to manage energy. Its aim is to help organizations improve their energy performance, increase energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impacts of energy-related consumption. It is estimated that the standard could influence up to 60% of the world’s energy use! 

Will your company be ready? 

Join Don Macdonald, Sustainability Business Development Director at UL DQS Inc.; Kelly Smith, Program Manager of Global Energy and Sustainability for Johnson Controls; and Bill Allemon, Vice President, Energy Management Services, ARCADIS, in a complimentary webcast moderated by GreenBiz.com Executive EditorJoel Makower. Get a preview of the multiple benefits that an Energy Management System can have on your organization. Whether your company is large or small, this standard is about improving its energy performance. Learn how leadership companies are aligning their energy goals and practices in order to improve efficiency, reduce costs and gain a competitive edge. 

Among the things you’ll learn: 

  • How continuous energy improvement leads to reduced costs, improved corporate image and reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Using your management systems to drive energy efficiency
  • Reducing waste and increasing value through corporate energy management

Don Macdonald, Sustainability Business Development Director, UL DQS Inc. 

Don Macdonald is the Sustainability Business Director of UL DQS, Inc., a global Certification and Advisory Services firm focused on delivering clients world class management systems and operating processes spanning all industries and government agencies. Don has long been a LEED AP certified, EHS process safety expert and environmental industry veteran with thousands of projects under his belt as lead project manager providing clients with bottom line, cost effective sustainable resource, energy and efficiency services.

Kelly Smith, Program Manager, Global Energy and Sustainability, Johnson Controls, Inc.

Kelly Smith supports energy and sustainability efforts across the global Building Efficiency business of Johnson Controls. He designs offerings that help organizations convert energy use into a productive asset through efficiency of buildings, interactions with the smart grid and proactive energy management practices. As part of the Institute for Building Efficiency, he conducts original research and collaborates with leading thinkers on how the built environment can become more efficient and sustainable. Prior to joining Johnson Controls, Kelly provided consulting services in the fields of energy efficiency and demand response. His work included assessing the potential for demand-side management in the U.S. and for individual utilities, as well as designing energy saving projects for commercial and industrial customers. Kelly has always had an interest in energy – he received an MS in Nuclear Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a BS in Physics from Brigham Young University.

Bill Allemon, VP, Energy Management Services, ARCADIS U.S.

Bill Allemon is Vice President of Energy Management Services at ARCADIS U.S., helping global corporations with the implementation of best practices, standards, and management systems that deliver achievable savings beyond traditional energy audits and short-term capital projects. Bill has more than 20 years experience in the energy management, facility construction & maintenance, and project management fields. His experience covers a wide range of built environments, including manufacturing, commercial, research & engineering, retail, and warehouse facilities.

Joel Makower, Executive Editor, GreenBiz Group 

Joel is Executive Editor of GreenBiz.com and author of "Strategies for the Green Economy," among other books. For more than 20 years, he has been a well-respected voice on business, the environment, and the bottom line. The Associated Press has called Joel "the guru of green business practices."