Clean & Green - Making Hygiene Part of Your Sustainability Agenda


Nearly every company today is working to improve the footprint of its operations. There are many different motivations — from reducing costs to embedding sustainability into the business model — each with its own outcomes. However, many companies overlook hygiene as part of the equation. Regardless of a building’s size, scale, or segment, all have a common denominator – the restroom. Ignoring it can undermine your entire sustainability effort. 

The restroom is the highly visible reflection to employees and customers of any business. Some believe it is a microcosm of the larger operation — its professionalness, commitment to health and wellness, sustainability mindfulness, and other factors. 

Join Josh Radoff and Mike Kapalko as they discuss how the sustainability agenda extends to the restroom, including interesting new research on why you need to be clean and green behind closed doors. 

In this webcast, you’ll learn: 
  • Consumer and visitor perception to a company based on their restrooms
  • How to combine the symbiotic goals of sustainability and hygiene
  • How to avoid the trap of brand inconsistency with regard to sustainability messaging


Josh Radoff, Co-Founder and Principal, YRG sustainability 

Josh, a Tork® Green Hygiene Council™ member, has a background in sustainable energy engineering and works at the intersection of energy, climate and green buildings. He is a regular speaker on sustainability issues and the LEED rating system and has consulted on scores of sustainability projects for both public and private sector clients, nationally and internationally. Josh holds master’s degrees in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and Columbia University in New York.

Michael Kapalko, Sustainability Marketing Manager, SCA Tissue North America

Mike promotes SCA’s environmental and hygiene initiatives and consults with customers to help them become more sustainable. He has more than 14 years experience working in the away-from-home sanitary paper market. He is a certified ServSafe food safety instructor, an active member of the GreenBiz Executive Network, Healthy Schools Campaign, U.S. Green Building Council, National Environmental Health Association, and a founding member of the Regenerative Network. Mike has also been a contributing author for various online and print publications such as Cleaning & Maintenance Management, Maintenance Sales News Magazine, QSR Magazine, and Operator’s Edge on topics such as greenwashing and green purchasing habits.

Matthew Wheeland, Managing Editor, GreenBiz Group 

Matthew has a background in environmental journalism and new media, and is a graduate of U.C. Santa Cruz and the U.C. Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. He previously worked at AlterNet and Greater Good magazine and his writings on the environment, politics, culture and business have appeared in a wide range of print and online publications. Sponsored by: