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Corporate Social Responsibility

Adobe makes the business case for diversity

June 28, 2017

As Adobe evolved from a company that focused on selling products to offering cloud-based services, the company has refocused on investing in people. For example, in 2016, Adobe launched its Digital Academy, which offers education scholarships and stipends to low-income individuals and underrepresented minorities.

"Social impact and sustainability is about people and planet, but it's also impacting people's lives," said Liz Lowe, Adobe's sustainability and social impact lead. 

The academy offers training through web development partnerships. Since the internship's inception, seven people have entered full-time positions at the tech company.

Lowe encourages companies to "see corporate responsibility as a space to incubate programs and take more risks" that pay off for underrepresented communities in tech. You never know where you will find the best talent.