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Circular Economy

Advanced Recycling: What, When and How to Scale?

September 14, 2020


What is the state of the advanced recycling industry, and what will it take to get it to scale? There’s been a noticeable uptick lately in buzz around advanced recycling (also known as chemical recycling) and the promise of technologies that can fix the broken recycling system. However, the technologies, terminology and applications can be confusing and are not widely understood. This discussion explores the landscape of transformational technologies that stop plastic waste, keep materials in play and grow markets. Speakers discuss the state of the market and highlight the potential for transformational technologies to turn waste plastics back into new materials, decrease reliance on fossil fuels and curb the flow of plastics into marine environments.


  • Paula Luu, Director, Center for the Circular Economy, Closed Loop Partners
  • Jodie Morgan, CEO, Green Mantra Techologies
  • Mitchell Toomey, Director of Sustainability, BASF Corporation