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Climate Conferences

Al Gore at WBCSD's COP21 meeting

December 9, 2015

Al Gore, speaking to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development as it met in Paris, said the almost daily occurrences of severe floods, droughts and fierce hurricanes across the globe are like "a nature hike through the Book of Revelations." 

The former vice president, founder of the Climate Reality Project and instigator of the film "The Inconvenient Truth," which got ordinary people concerned about climate change, told WBCSD members they could make the decisive difference.

"The political will to make the changes that are necessary can be strengthened by one important factor," Gore said. "That is the voice of the business community, because political leaders, especially when they are asked to make decisions they are told will have an impact on business and the economy, are keen to hear from men and women who are in business."

Gore also exhorted listeners to persevere in the cause. "We know it is wrong to condemn future generations to a life of progressive degradation in their circumstances," he said.