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Circular Economy

Algae and Mushrooms and Pineapples, Oh My! Bioutilization in Action

September 14, 2020


What opportunities exist to incorporate bio-based materials into products and packaging, how can they be sustainably sourced, and what benefits or challenges do these materials afford?

From fish scales in electronics to fabrics made from milk protein, the utilization of biomaterials can often seem like a page out science fiction. Whether futuristic or highly practical, new uses of biological materials are garnering attention as a new and exciting approach to circular products. Can the use of these materials offer a sustainable pathway forward? How can bio-based materials be effectively and sustainably scaled, and when should your company take advantage of them? This discussion explores these questions.


  • Suz Okie, Circular Economy Associate Analyst, GreenBiz Group
  • Sea Briganti, CEO, LOLIWARE
  • Dr. Carmen Hijosa, Founder and Chief Creative & Innovation Officer, Ananas Anam UK ltd
  • Meghan Olson, Business Development Lead, MycoComposite, Ecovative Design