Waste Management

WM makes a zero-waste event become 'Mission: Possible'

Sustainable events such as the GreenBiz conferences, which are zero-waste, require a lot of planning.

"It begins with engagement, getting all of the stakeholders on the same page," said Anita Kedia, senior business development manager at Waste Management (WM) Sustainability Services. The company made sure that the conference left nothing to the landfill. 

A waste-free conference is a collaborative effort that includes the venue, vendors and booths and behind-the-scenes staff. Each has to understand and be aligned with the importance of the zero-waste mission.

WM also worked with the Thunderbirds to go zero waste at the February Waste Management Phoenix Open, an effort that began a year in advance. Kedia's secret for waste-free events of all sizes?

"Set realistic goals all along the way to your ultimate destination."

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