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Risk & Resilience

Anticipating a decade of threats, problems and opportunity

June 26, 2015

The next decade and beyond will pose new challenges for businesses and their supply chains. That's what John Elkington, founding partner and executive chairman of Volans, said at VERGE Salon in London.

"The bad news is that we're in a period of our collective history where a bunch of different factors are conspiring to create challenges for businesses and economies," he said.

"Globalization, demographics, and issues like climate change are turning up the heat under a series of issues that are increasingly interlinked," Elkington said, noting food security, water security, energy security and climate security as big parts of the challenge.

"Sitting on top of that is a lid that is precariously weak. My own view is that we need a new lid. We need a new set of global governance mechanisms."

Elkington didn't just spout doom and gloom, though. He said business will face a new decade of "consequences, threats, problems, but also a period of immense opportunity."