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Renewable Energy

Asim Haque, chairman and CEO of the PUC of Ohio, on why consumer choice in electricity matters

November 5, 2018

Asim Haque is the chairman and CEO of the Public Utilities Commission for Ohio. There, the company regulates the energy market for the state, which includes electric, natural gas, telecoms, trucking, rail, movers and towers.

Still, electricity takes most of his time. Ohio, a fully deregulated state, has a large mix of power dynamics, as coal fades, nuclear shakes and shale gains. 

One of the programs he's most proud of is called "Power Forward," which helps to build Ohio's future grid and power delivery. He's also excited to build more EV infrastructure, figure out if batteries should be incorporated into the meter and take on new challenges as they come.

"What I'm really excited about is trying to put control in the hands of consumers, so that they can have the power delivery experience of their choosing," he said.