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Avery Dennison's Deon Stander on the future and benefits of enabling traceability

March 3, 2020

Avery Dennison started off at the world's first self-adhesive label 80 years ago. While it has continued to provide analog labeling solutions, the company has also transformed into provide digital solutions.

"We're thinking about solutions and ideas that will allow us to enable a digital future for all companies and supply chains as well," says Deon Stander, vice president and general manager of retail branding and information solutions at Avery Dennison. Stander continued to explain that in the future, every item will have a digital identity.

"That has enormous implications for the way we're able to assess what happens in the supply chain," he said noting that the company has labels on products from birth. As it continues to innovate, the labels could enable brands to have one-to-one interactions with consumers about their products.