Bridging the energy and conservation gap through a systems-based approach

Hawai‘i may be the most isolated populated landmass, but its experiences, challenges, and solutions have global relevance. Building on the forty-year journey of Hōkūle‘a to revive and share Hawaiian ancestral wisdom and innovation, Hawai‘i applied these values and principles to launch the Aloha+ ChallengeHe Nohona ‘Ae‘oia, A Culture of Sustainability — an integrated statewide platform and framework for collaboration. Endorsed by the Governor, all four County Mayors, Office of Hawaiian Affairs, and State Legislature, the Aloha+ Challenge engages partners to help achieve Hawai‘i’s sustainability goals and build a culture of sustainability for future generations. This expert panel will explore the role of island economies and catalyzing action on sustainability globally, exploring innovative platforms and initiatives that bridge the gap between conservation, energy, and economic development.