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Building Robotics' Lindsay Baker on buildings that adapt to people

April 20, 2016

As the Internet of Things expands to include everything from our coffee mugs to our cat's litter boxes to our bathroom mirrors, there is the further job of connecting people to all of these "things."

This is where apps that centralize controls come in.

Lindsay Baker, president of  Building Robotics, introduced building software designed to aid in that challenge, a product called Plus Comfy, during the VERGE 2015 conference in San Jose, California.

Plus Comfy is an app that allows employees to adjust the various technologies in a building to their preferences with ease. The app gives access to settings such as temperature and lighting to the inhabitants of the space so that they may feel comfortable in the office throughout the day.

"Buildings have to start doing their job better," Baker said. "They have to do that job of supporting us, and making us happy and productive."