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Business case for sustainability transcends politics

June 27, 2017

The 2016 U.S. presidential election left a lot at stake for environmental policy and corporate social responsibility. But businesses have the power to push for the policies they need to ensure a sustainable future. 

"It's important to tell lawmakers the business case you know so well," said Anne Kelley, Ceres' senior program director of policy and BICEP program. 

Businesses also have a responsibility to tell their success stories out loud over various forms of media, she said: "The money you're saving, the emissions you're bringing down, the materials you're recycling."

Adding his perspective as director of the 50-year-old Environmental Defense Fund, Jason Mathers said that despite shifting political winds, "the core framework of business leadership remains the same." 

As long as business leaders continue to set ambitious sustainability goals, execute against those goals and developing forward-thinking solutions — and tell stories about how environmental policies foster innovation and advance billion-dollar industries — there will be "opportunities for us to be proactive."