Water Efficiency & Conservation

Business growth in an era of water scarcity

Brad Colton, strategic projects at Marriott; Emilio Tenuta, expertise and innovation at EcoLab; and Libby Bernick, senior VP atTrucost share wisdom on water at GreenBiz 15 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Nine of 10 of the world's biggest megacities are in water-scarce areas, said Bernick. "Where's business going to grow?" The low-hanging fruit of conservation has already been captured. Colton pointed out that the Marriott hotel hosting the 2015 GreenBiz conference in Phoenix saved more than 1 million gallons of water in one year. What's beyond conservation? Tenuta of EcoLab sees transformational change ahead. Watch to go deeper. (Scroll to 1:01 to skip the mic hiccups.)