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Renewable Energy

Christina Page of Yahoo! on Internet firms' move to renewables

January 28, 2016

Tech companies like Yahoo! and its competitors are in a great position to push the envelope on moving corporate America to renewable energy.

After all, notes Christina Page, former global director of energy and sustainability strategy for Yahoo! (who now works for tech rival Amazon), such companies are accustomed to moving very fast and defying the laws of physics in what can be done in a given amount of time.

"The whole idea of exponential change happening with Internet companies, makes them a natural a fit for driving exponential change on addressing climate change," said page at GreenBiz 16.

Yahoo! is busy putting solar arrays on its rooftop, designing conservation oriented data centers and being energy efficient.

But it is also getting into virtual power purchase agreements, a new financial method of hedging against relying on electric utilities with old world fossil fuel power sources.