Customer obsessed: Customer demand for sustainability and engagement to maximize impact

The future of corporate sustainability leadership involves finding ways to engage the public to think and act sustainably. This is a task that companies can’t do alone and is best achieved by creating partnerships with NGOs and others to connect with the public and spread the word about companies that are trying to make a difference. As one of the world’s largest restaurant companies, McDonald’s has the responsibility and opportunity use our Scale for Good. Together with Franchisees, the company’s supply chain, NGOs and other partners, McDonald’s is working to a meaningful impact to areas that are important to customers and the company to build a sustainable business and future for our planet. McDonald’s and Environmental Defense Fund have worked together for over 25 years, with a ground-breaking partnership helping McDonald’s to improve packaging and reduce waste, an area extremely important to McDonald’s customers. This panel will explore important opportunities for cross-sector partnerships, how corporate leaders can raise the bar on sustainability, how customer demand influences and accelerates change in business, and the importance of educating and engaging customers as part of the solution, such as by increasing recycling behavior and options in restaurants and communities.