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Circular Economy

Developing a Comprehensive Circular Economy Strategy

September 10, 2020

How can companies establish an organizational circular economy strategy that’s owned and embraced by key internal stakeholders?

The impacts of circular initiatives can ripple throughout a business and its supply chain, creating opportunity and disruption in its wake. But no matter how visionary or comprehensive, a circular economy strategy will translate into real-world impact only if it breaks through silos and takes hold across an organization. Hear from leaders who not only have established comprehensive circular economy strategies, but also effectively implemented them across their organization.

This discussion explores the structure of different circular economy strategies — including core focus areas, KPIs, ownership and impacts on compensation — as well as actionable tactics to engage colleagues, assure alignment and create cross-functional initiatives without derailing existing operations.


  • John Davies, VP, Senior Analyst, GreenBiz Group  
  • Xavier Houot, Global SVP Safety, Environment, Real Estate, Schneider Electric
  • Natasha Scotnicki, Program Manager, Circular Economy, Cisco