Dow scrubs up marine plastic

Dow is known for bringing chemical solutions to the market. But it also has a long history of partnering with conservation organizations to find solutions to marine plastic debris.

"We're partnering with Ocean Conservancy to develop scientific information that helps us discover where marine debris can come from and how we keep them out of the ocean," said Jeff Wooster, sustainability director at Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics, about their 30-year relationship. 

For the last several years, Dow also has collaborated with Ocean Conservancy to launch the Trash Free Seas Alliance and research how to keep waste out of our water. 

"It takes collaboration [of] private industry, of the public sector, government and local activist groups," said Wooster. "It takes a lot of people to help solve the waste management crisis, but working together, we can be effective."

He also discussed Dow's robust investments in the circular economy to "create value out of things with no previous value" and create new packaging technology for easier recycling.