Waste Management

Dow's Julie Zaniewski on its partnership with recycling leader Avangard Innovative

Julie Zaniewski, North America sustainability director at Dow, says that the company's plans for 2020 include living out its sustainability strategy. That includes keeping plastic out of the environment and bringing circular economy solutions to life.

Zaniewski says the company is doing that through partnerships. One of those partnerships is with Avangard Innovative, a waste and recycling optimization company that will be providing recycled materials to Dow. Once Dow receives the materials, it plans to use them to create recycled packaging and products for its customers.

"[Avangard] brings that recycling and sourcing expertise," says Zaniewski, when asked about the importance of partnering with this type of organization. "What we can do is bring our material science expertise. ... We bring the compatibilizer technology and also the application expertise. Then we can scale and accelerate what's already there."