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Circular Economy

Engaging Middle America in Recycling Solutions

September 14, 2020

How can brands, NGOs and municipalities partner with U.S. consumers to increase national recycling rates?

Last year, Shelton Group fielded an eye-opening study to gauge consumer awareness about the plastic waste crisis and its expectations of brands and policymakers for solving the problem. Now the firm has fielded a follow-up study to dig into consumer understanding of the struggling recycling system and its impacts on their behavior. What are Americans feeling and doing now that curbside recycling programs are shutting down, the volume of recyclables being landfilled (or burned) is being published and it's becoming clear just how many items we’ve been putting in the recycling bin aren’t actually recyclable? What’s the impact on brands and consumers perceptions of a brand’s “convenience” promise? How can brands, NGO’s and municipalities partner with consumers to put their materials in the right places — and is that even possible or have consumers just given up? This discussion addresses all those questions as Suzanne Shelton of Shelton Group presents the key findings of this timely research.


  • Suzanne Shelton, President & CEO, Shelton Group