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Climate Conferences

Facebook's Bill Weihl on what COP21 means for clean energy

December 21, 2015

Among the many businesses on the ground in Paris earlier this month for the United Nations COP21 climate talks was a familiar face from the tech world.

Facebook was represented at the Le Bourget site of the negotiations with a booth manned by Director of Sustainability Bill Weihl, who previously oversaw energy issues at Google.

In an interview with GreenBiz Executive Editor Joel Makower, Weihl detailed why he wanted to attend COP21 in person, and how the climate talks dovetail with increasing corporate interest in clean energy.

“We need more policy certainty so that we can do what we want to do, and so that other businesses can do what they want to do, around driving renewable energy," Weihl said.

He cited the last two years as proof of the trend toward renewables, with falling production costs and more corporate collaborations on clean energy purchasing helping to exponentially increase the scale of new power production.

“The momentum — it’s ramping incredibly fast," he said.