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Circular Economy

Flex: How to drive collective action across the supply chain

February 26, 2020

Bruce Klafter is vice president of corporate social and environmental responsibility at Flex, an electronics manufacturing services company. Klafter joined Heather Clancy and Sarah Golden, Sidebar cohosts during GreenBiz 20, to discuss how the company is improving its supply chain through IoT and blockchain technology as well as working closely with its customers.

Flex was a founding member of the Responsible Business Alliance, which in part helps the company drive collective action across its supply chain. Klafter also mentioned that a lot of key customers reach out to them directly for assistance in reaching their supply chain ambitions. The company is also continuing to work towards its own goals, including working with customers to implement more circular practices earlier on with the design their products to make them easier to disassembly, reuse components and prolong their use of life.

"I think the opportunities are tremendous," Klafter says. "And we're seeing a lot more interest from customers today."