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Supply Chain

Forging a Resilient Circular Supply Chain

September 14, 2020

Where should supply chain management and circular strategy overlap, and how can your supply chain advance the circular economy?

From repair and remanufacturing to material reclamation, there are numerous ways to fold circular principles into your company's supply chain. But what does it take to build these circular initiatives throughout a dispersed supply chain? What ROI can these changes afford? Can a circular supply chain hold more resiliency than its linear counterpart?

Join this session to hear from companies forging robust, resilient, circular supply chains. Learn about the challenges they’ve faced as well as the risk mitigation and value they’ve seen as reward.


  • Stephanie Potter, Executive Director, Sustainability and Circular Economy, US Chamber of Commerce Foundation
  • Deborah Dull, Product Leader, GE Digital
  • George Richter, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Management, Cox Communications, Inc.
  • James McCall, Senior Director, Global Climate and Supply Chain Sustainability, Procter & Gamble

This session was held at GreenBiz Group’s Circularity 20, August 25-27, 2020.