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GM's Jon Lauckner: The connected car revolution is coming

During VERGE 2014 in San Francisco, General Motors' chief technical officer, Jon Lauckner, sat down to talk with GreenBiz's Heather Clancy about the future of connected cars.

In the Studio C interview, Lauckner said that connected cars will be safer for drivers by using mesh networks to communicate between cars, infrastructure and even pedestrians. This mesh network would have the capability of alerting drivers to hazards that are invisible to the driver or the car's sensors, such as a car approaching an intersection at a high rate of speed.

If all of that capability sounds as if it could be another distraction to drivers, Lauckner said that it won't be an issue. "A single car will send and receive signals 10 times per second," he said. "It will pour through all of those signals and it will find the two or three cars that look like they ought to be watched closely. It's only when the algorithm detects that there's a serious situation [that it will] then turn on a light."

Lauckner also said that GM can't act alone, and will have to roll out the technology in collaboration with other automakers and infrastructure builders for it to truly work as intended.