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Information Technology

Goodera bridges the gap between technology and CSR

February 22, 2018

"Technology is touching our lives in every aspect; why leave out sustainability and citizenship?" asked Richa Bajpai, founder and co-CEO of Goodera. 

Goodera is a platform that brings technology into the corporate social responsibility (CSR) space, helping companies measure the impact of their sustainability initiatives using mobile and cloud technology and data gathering. 

Goodera's clients — which include Fortune 500 companies  span 63 countries, more than 40,000 nonprofits and $250 million in deployed CSR capital. 

"We are getting all stakeholders within a company to be able to use data to engage stakeholders," said Abhishek Humbad, founder and co-CEO of Goodera. 

Despite the CSR and technology market being a competitive space, Bajpai said that there is plenty of opportunity for growth — and that Goodera offers a holistic look at a company's CSR and sustainability programs across their entire global business.