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Grid 2.0: Toward an energy paradigm shift

April 7, 2016

The "Grid 2.0" vision calls for a responsive and highly integrated system of distributed energy sources and consumers.

At the 2015 VERGE conference in San Jose, California, Dawn Lippert of the Energy Excelerator and Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative Advisory Board, Elisabeth Brinton of California utility PG&E and Graham Richard from Advanced Energy Economy discussed new kinds of relationships and partnerships in order to facilitate this vision.

All three speakers were confident that an expedited evolution to Grid 2.0 is advisable.

"Making sure the grid is modernized to be two-way, fast, agile and smart will grow our companies and many jobs," said Richard.

Still, the transition to a smart and distributed — yet reliable and resilient — grid is a tall order. Innovation in technology and regulation, for instance, are also necessary to spur Grid 2.0 development. For example, Lippert emphasized the opening up of utility data to help other players undertake the mission.