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Circular Economy

The How and Why of Effective Pre-Competitive Collaboration

September 10, 2020

How (and why) can companies overcome the barriers of collaborating with their corporate peers in order to advance system-wide circular outcomes?

Faced with the pressing challenges of resource scarcity, ocean plastic pollution and climate change, among others, it's clear that unique and unprecedented collaborations are required to solve complex global issues. Together, we can drive systemic change more quickly. That's why leading brands are participating in multi-year consortia to collectively advance a waste-free future. Panelists discuss the challenges, learnings and nuts and bolts of these groundbreaking partnerships.


  • Kate Daly, Managing Director, Closed Loop Partners 
  • Jane Ewing, Senior Vice President, Sustainability, Walmart
  • Eileen Howard Boone, SVP, Corporate Social Responsibility & Philanthropy and CSO, CVS Health, President, CVS Health and Aetna Foundations
  • Amanda Nusz, Vice President of Corporate Responsibility, Target