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How the electric grid powers innovation and resilience

December 21, 2017

Traditional electricity stakeholders are undergoing massive transitions. Here, a panel of energy experts discusses how utilities are collaborating with technology innovators and investing in distributed energy sources such as onsite solar and storage. 

"It's an incredibly exciting time in the electric industry," said Steve Malnight, senior vice president of strategy and policy for PG&E Corporation, which is focusing on driving down carbon emissions and leading the way on carbon reductions across California. 

"You're seeing a transformation where the customer is coming to the table, not just becoming an equal player," but becoming a dynamic force of grid transformation, he said. 

Karen Wayland, director of Nevada's Clean Energy Project, warned against the dangers of investing in outdated energy technology. 

"Now the grid powers innovation is reversible as well," said Dennis McGinn, board member of the Center for Climate and Security Advisory Board — innovation also revolutionizes the grid. "Once you have more choice, you can take off on new business models and new technology faster."