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Risk & Resilience

How PwC uses climate analytics to mitigate risk

July 27, 2015

Risk is something every business has to weigh, but climate change is making that calculus much more complex. At VERGE Salon in London, PricewaterhouseCoopers' assistant director of urbanization and climate change Dan Dowling talked about how advanced analytics tools can help mitigate risks.

"Businesses we'd been talking to found it very difficult to access tools and information that is commercial and useful in making decisions,"  Dowling said. "We've embarked on an exercise to close that interpretation gap between science and business."

Using climate analytics tools, PwC mapped risk in the agricultural sector, using 20 different crops to collect data.

"We know climate change poses a huge challenge to the agricultural system as a whole," Dowling said.  "The agriculture sector faces risks today, and long-term risks which are broadly described as catastrophic."