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Renewable Energy

How Siemens measures the value of energy management

December 5, 2017

Energy management depends on what an organization is trying to accomplish, whether reducing cost or minimizing CO2 emissions in order to align with sustainability commitments. 

"We like to think about the different mechanisms and strategies to put in place to achieve what that goal is," said Adnan Akbari, senior strategy manager at Siemens Building Technologies. 

 For example, if the goal is to reduce CO2 emissions by 10 percent, the intent behind that is as important as the goal: "Are you buying energy in the most sustainable way? Is there an opportunity to produce or store energy?" 

Energy management also can sync with an organization's high-level ambitions. In the healthcare marketplace, said Akbari, there is an opportunity to improve patient satisfaction. And the retail marketplace can ensure that customers have a great in-store experience in an efficient, sustainable way.

"Once that understanding is aligned, those strategies are significantly more effective," he said.