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Circular Economy

The How, What and Why of Bioplastics

September 10, 2020

What is the current state of bioplastics, and what role should they play in a sustainable packaging future?

In the scramble to swap single-use plastics for sustainable alternatives, some companies are turning to bioplastic as a seemingly effective replacement. These plant-based alternatives promise the same advantages of traditional plastics without contributing to the world’s growing waste epidemic. Yet bioplastics raise a slew of tough questions for the packaging industry and leave significant confusion in their wake. Do bioplastics count as plastic? Do they work? How, where and under what conditions can they be recycled? What about composting? When does it make sense to use them? This discussion provides an overview of the family of bioplastics and their fit in the world of sustainable packaging.

  • Olga Kachook, Project Manager, SPC, GreenBlue 
  • Jason Locklin, Director, New Materials Institute, University of Georgia
  • Kelly Murosky, Senior Packaging Engineer, Seventh Generation