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Impossible Foods Founder on the burger revolution

Impossible Foods says it makes the best burger you'll ever eat. Though you'd swear from its taste, sizzle, smell and look that its top ground beef, the "meat" is made from plants.

"The way that we are addressing the environmental impact of this industry is we are putting the burden on ourselves to create products that are so delicious and are such a great value that the people around the world who are supporting meat industry, because they love meat, will actually choose our product in preference to what they are eating now,” CEO and Founder Patrick Brown said in this interview at COP21 in Paris.

It satisfied lots of appetites during the Paris meeting. Along with eaters, it is attracting big investors and lots of interest.

Animal farming, Brown said, is responsible for one-seventh of the greenhouse gases the world emits and consumes about a third of drinkable water. So, getting people to eat something other than meat would solve a lof of our environmental problems.