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CalCharge's Jeff Anderson on energy storage collaboration

If there's one major theme at VERGE, it's that collaboration accelerates development of conservation, business and technology. Jeff Anderson, president of CalCharge, is using collaboration to keep the energy storage sector from wasting time re-inventing the wheel.

In a Studio C interview with GreenBiz's Shana Rappaport at VERGE 2014 in San Francisco,  Anderson said that CalCharge is a public-private miniature trade association aimed at accelerating energy storage technology. In other words, he's bringing established companies and startups together with university labs to solve the pressing issues facing battery tech.

"We've developed a streamlined way for virtually any company that joins CalCharge to be working with either Berkeley Lab and on Nov. 18, we'll be announcing Slack," Anderson said. Companies who are members of CalCharge would have limited access to national lab facilities to develop technologies, he said.

Anderson said that this collaborative effort could help reduce the time and resources needed to develop battery technology. "The benchmark for battery development and energy storage development is 10 years and $100 million before you have a widget you can deploy," he said.

"We're not just focused on one area of energy storage," Anderson said. "We're pulling together the whole ecosystem from consumer devices, transportation and grid to let them learn from each other."