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Marisa Buchanan on how JPMorgan Chase plans on achieving its 2050 net zero emissions goal

November 20, 2020

This video is sponsored by JPMorgan Chase.

"We made this commitment because we think it's really important that businesses step up their ambition to meet the challenge of the Paris agreement. This is something that requires greater business leadership as well as public policy and investment in new technology. We're doing this because we think it's really important so this is going to be a process for us to figure out how we move our clients in the oil and gas, electric power and automotive sectors to align with the Paris agreement.”

Joel Makower, chairman & executive editor of GreenBiz, interviewed Marisa Buchanan, head of sustainability at JPMorgan Chase, during the VERGE 20 virtual event (October 26-30, 2020). View archived videos from the conference here: