Why utilities and cities are joining REBA

Marty Spitzer, senior director of climate and renewable energy for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), has been a GreenBiz partner since the days that it was a printed newsletter. 

Similarly, he has partnered with the Renewable Energy Buyers' Alliance (REBA) since its "humble beginnings with maybe 13 people sitting around a table, thinking about what's possible," he said. 

By its summit in September, REBA had 400 members attendees, some of them Fortune 500 companies looking for ways to ease large-scale corporate renewable energy purchases. 

"You can't solve this challenge alone," Spitzer said, so REBA began bringing utilities to the table, followed by cities. 

The coalition of buyers and energy providers is more important now than ever  with federal policy stacking the odds against clean energy — and it creates a united cross-industry group that is saying "We Are Still In" on the Paris Agreement.