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Messaging solutions, not problems, to climate change

October 3, 2017

"What's the most limiting thing from getting to a better world?" asked Jonathan Foley, executive editor at the California Academy of Sciences. Is it more science, more studies telling us the problems the world is facing, policy, education or all of the above? 

As a scientist, Foley's response might be surprising: "They're necessary, but what's limiting us is culture."

"Eighty percent of Americans are united in the common belief that we're more divided than ever," said Foley. In this environment, fear-inducing messaging about climate change leads to polarization away from the center of collaboration that fosters solutions. 

As an earth systems scientist and director of a cultural academy dedicated to the preservation of scientific inquiry, Foley has a vision for transforming behavior to accelerate sustainability at scale that begins with better messages — and better messengers.