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Chemicals & Toxics

Mohawk's Rochelle Routman on transparency

December 17, 2015

Disclosure of ingredients is a big issue in the building industry these days, Mohawk Flooring Vice President of Sustainability Rochelle Routman said in this GreenBiz studio interview at VERGE. It is "top of mind for architects, designers and end-users." 

They are looking for easily accessible list of ingredients on the various products they are considering using in construction and furnishing of buildings.

"They want to know 'Hey, are there any bad chemicals in here, commonly known as the Red List of chemicals?' And really what are the best products for our project," she said. Those decisions directly will affect their success in drawing tenants or buyers to their building project.

Mohawk Flooring prides itself on being the first major corporation in the industry to commit in a big way to transparency. It offers 490 styles of flooring that are Red List free. They are not proprietary products, she said. The company is just open and honest.