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Molun Zhang & Ashish Gadnis on Enabling Supply Chain Traceability, Transparency and Trust

May 26, 2022

The number of touchpoints in a circular supply chain add up quickly — from official partners such as local retailers, manufacturers, packaging organizations and recycling companies to informal participants, including the individual waste pickers who help collect discarded items for processing in emerging economies.

How can companies gather better data across that complex network? After all, when it comes to ESG matters, the things your company doesn’t know could hinder meaningful progress toward commitments. And failure to understand and disclose risks to investors, employees, consumers and other stakeholders could become a reputational threat.

During this conversation, the speakers will share insights about practical and effective ways of collecting information that can help companies develop a better understanding of progress toward waste management and recycling goals; enforce and uphold corporate human rights policies; and create more equitable systems for rewarding vulnerable participants. We’ll discuss how these efforts can create a virtuous circle of traceability, transparency and trust.