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NGOs share corporate partnership success

April 11, 2014

While NGOs and corporations may seem unlikely partners, they are increasingly teaming up to drive signficant sustainability progress. At GreenBiz Forum 2014, leaders from three prominent NGOs — Alisa Gravitz, executive director for Green America; Phil Radford, executive director at Greenpeace; and Elizabeth Sturcken, managing director of corporate partnerships for the Environmental Defense Fund — spoke out about how they're leveraging such collaborations to create change in regards to water, greenhouse gas emissions, supply chains and more.

In the face of government inaction, these associations have been particularly helpful in creating the kind of high-impact change that NGOs fight for. "We've realized that we need to continue to mobilize people to push for legislation, but that ultimately, companies have a huge amount of power," Radford said. "In order for us to win, we need [them] as partners to push for principled solutions."