Risk & Resilience

Oliver Wyman's Alex Wittenberg on sustainability and risk

When you make investments, you want to be sure that you won't lose money on that investment. Every investment has some degree of risk, whether it's stock in a tech startup or a new factory in New Delhi. Alex Wittenberg, a partner at the consulting firm Oliver Wyman, says that helping clients mitigate risk involves communicating sustainability and resilience principles in a language clients can understand.

In a Studio C interview with GreenBiz's John Davies at GreenBiz Forum 2015 in Phoenix, Wittenberg talked about how his firm helps clients understand the spectrum of risk that climate change presents.

"A lot of these environmental or sustainability risks are interconnected with geopolitical risks and technological risks," he said. Even the U.S. Department of Defense says climate change is a major concern in global security.

"When you take it that way, you can see how something like climate change adaptation cascades into a geopolitical risk like instability in a country," Wittenberg said.