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Risk & Resilience

PepsiCo's Roberta Barbieri on mitigating water risk down supply chains

March 13, 2017

If you look at PepsiCo’s line of products — including Tropicana beverages, Lipton teas, Naked juices, Aquafina bottled water and the classic brown fizzy cola — water is clearly a crucial natural resource for the company. Roberta Barbieri, vice president of global water and environmental solutions at PepsiCo, spoke to GreenBiz senior writer Heather Clancy at GreenBiz 17 about the company’s updated targets to mitigate water risk. 

"First step: Understand what’s going on with the water in the watershed," said Barbieri, emphasizing the importance of convening local stakeholders. "Second step: Understand how PepsiCo can help."