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Peter Bakker and Tim Mohin: Integrating SDGs at the core of business

March 11, 2019

Since the inception of the SDGs, CSOs have grappled with how best to address these goals in their sustainability strategies. This conversation will explore emerging trends, best practices, standards, and stakeholder expectations, highlighting the efforts that both corporates and investors are making to integrate the SDGs into their strategic thinking. In addition, SDG metrics are becoming increasingly material to the investor community. How are investors working to integrate the SDGs into their analysis – and what trends are we likely to see moving forward? Are companies giving stakeholders, including investors, the information they need on the SDGs? And how should companies be communicating their efforts to fully capture their impacts and give an accurate and comparable demonstration of their efforts? Hear how businesses and investors can come together to most effectively advance this agenda. From GreenBiz 19.