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Circular Economy

From Product to Practice: Circular Innovation from the Ground Up

September 15, 2020

How can companies leverage one circular product initiative into an organization-wide, circular transformation?

Rethinking your company’s strategy, business model and supply chain for a circular economy — all while continuing to fulfill current and evolving market and customer demands — can be a daunting task. Rather than tackling circularity at scale, some companies are finding early success in starting small. Hear from leading companies about their journeys in optimizing a single product, and how it helped launch enterprise-wide changes in business strategy. Panelists present practical case studies on how implementing and innovating for circular products can transform business practices — from supplier engagement to materials innovation, process improvement, resource optimization and global business strategy.


  • Christina Raab, Vice President, Strategy & Development, Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute
  • Kellie Ballew, Director of Sustainability, Shaw Industries Group, Inc.
  • Kip Cleverley, VP, Global Sustainability, IFF